Knitting Camp 2016

September 22-25

Weekend Away

Imagine a weekend away with someone cooking your meals and making your bed. Oh yeah, you also get to knit all weekend!

Join us for the 8th Annual Needle Emporium Knitting Camp fromThursday September 22 - Sunday September 25, 2016 at Bayview-Wildwood Resort just north of Orillia, Ontario.

Love to knit, learn, meet new friends and eat gourmet delights? Well, grab your needles and join us.

Knitting Experience

Whether you bring a friend or two, or come alone, you'll enjoy the company of new friends with common interests and spend a few days where free gifts, surprises and interesting seminars by fantastic instructors await you.

Mini Yarn Shop

We take a small part of The Needle Emporium and set up a yarn shop at Camp. Yarns, kits, books, needles, knitting bags and accessories.

Fashion Show

On Friday evening we will be presenting a Fashion Show where you will see (and be able to feel) fabulous garments and accessories. After the Fashion Show there is time for you to try on garments.

You will have the option of starting your weekend Thursday night, Friday morning or Friday afternoon. Class Friday morning will be followed by the fashion show in the afternoon. In the evening there will be an optional seminar. Saturday is more classes with the student fashion show for your evening entertainment and Sunday morning classes will round off your class schedule.

The weekend is all-inclusive (except for what you might want to buy in the mini yarn shop) and it is full of workshops for you to enjoy while enhancing your knitting skills.

NOTE: This retreat does not cater to just experienced knitters but to those of all levels. For some of our workshops all you have to be able to do is cast on, knit and purl, so don't be afraid to join in.

We're limiting registrations to keep workshops small and personal. Registrations will be accepted on a "First Come, First Accepted" basis, so peruse this site, phone your friends, pick out some courses, circle the calendar and send your registration in today!


Option 1

Arriving Thursday evening

  • 3 nights accommodations
  • Meals: Thursday dinner
    through Sunday lunch
  • 4 workshops
  • Friday night fashion show
  • Thursday evening fun night

Single $1350
Double (per person) $1000
Non Knitting Guest $675

Option 2

Arriving Friday morning

  • 2 nights accommodations
  • Meals: Friday lunch
    through Sunday lunch
  • 4 workshops
  • Friday night fashion show

Single $1125
Double (per person) $875
Non Knitting Guest $625

Option 3

Arriving Friday afternoon

  • 2 nights accommodations
  • Meals: Friday dinner
    through Sunday lunch
  • 3 workshops
  • Friday night fashion show

Single $1075
Double (per person) $825
Non Knitting Guest $525

All prices include HST (13%)
If you cancel before July 31, 2016 the refundable amount is $350. After that date there are no refunds.


Sally Melville
Sally has been a fixture in the knitting community in Ontario for many years. She is one of the founding members of the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter's Guild. Sally has taught throughout North America, is a knitting pattern designer as well the author of many popular knitting books.

Fiona Ellis
Fiona Ellis graduated from DeMontfort University (England) with a degree in fashion knitwear design in 1993 and she has been designing professionally since then. Her work appears in leading magazine publications including online at, and in yarn pattern booklets. She is a regular instructor at Stitches Events and at Vogue Knitting Live. She has also produced original concepts for major fashion houses in London, Paris and New York. She is the author of Inspired Cable Knits, Knitspiration Journal and Inspired Fair Isle Knits. You can find out what she is currently doing at or follow her on Twitter or Ravelry (both under her name).


Friday AM

Two Colours, Two Hands

with Sally Melville

Two color stranded is one of knitting's most glorious traditions. This workshop explores the techniques we need to make beautiful fabrics with heavy emphasis on alternative methods of using your hands (and even your neck) to manage the yarn.

Walk on the Wildwood Side

with Fiona Ellis

This year Fiona is offering something very new for camp when she becomes your very own camp counselor. This workshop will be centered on finding and exploring your own unique creativity, using the wonderful surroundings at camp.

After a short introduction on sourcing material, you will be set free in the camp to forage for your own inspiration; cataloguing your ideas in sketches, descriptions, colour stories, photographs and swatches. Using special one-on-one and small group sessions with Fiona, you will learn how to turn your inspiration into new knitted creations.

At the end of the day the class will reconvene to share their ideas and discuss what they have learned.

Saturday AM

First Choices

with Sally Melville

No matter how advanced or experienced we are, we run the risk of making a garment that looks awful. Why? We make decisions in the first 20 minutes that have everything to do with the success or failure of a project. What are those decisions? Yarn, color, stitch pattern, silhouette.

This workshop gives diagnostic skills to look at these decisions. And it then follows with basic pattern drafting for the set-in sleeve--our most universally attractive style. So even if you never design your own knitting, you'll have the tools to alter what you do knit to produce the best possible result.

From Sally - "The class includes the drafting of a set-in sleeve, which I make simpler than anyone believes possible!"

Creating Cables

with Fiona Ellis

Beginning by exploring how cables function, Fiona will lead students on an adventure into devising their own cable patterns. She has developed several different methods (suitable for many skill levels) of approaching cable design that she will share with you. Towards the end of the session, you will have time to look at ways to apply your own patterning to a non size-specific project, such as a blanket or pillow.

If you want to have some fun, take this class and then Fiona's afternoon class. You can incorporate your cables into a pair of mittens.

Saturday PM

Essential Skills

with Sally Melville

No matter how advanced and accomplished we are, there are habits or holes in our knitting repertoire. Perhaps we rely upon the same cast-on, the same increase, the same decrease; perhaps we are confounded by selvedge stitches; perhaps we knit without the awareness that we have choices.

This workshop explores and explains the many techniques we should all have in our repertoire. We'll talk about which are best suited to each situation and why, and we'll practice them all with lots of hands-on experience.

Thumbs Up for Mittens

with Fiona Ellis

In the 1st part of this workshop we will look at mitten construction; including ways that the thumb gusset and the top of the mitten can be worked. Fiona will review a variety of increases and decreases - knowledge that you will be able to apply to other types of projects. But that's only the beginning...

In the 2nd part of the class you will use the swatch worked in "Creating Cables" (or another pattern swatch you may like to bring) as a springboard to devise creative ways of incorporating the patterning into a mitten of your own design.

This workshop is geared towards knitters who have a little experience right up to those who are very adventurous

Sunday AM

The Most Common Mistakes Knitters Make

with Sally Melville

Sally was once asked what was the most common mistake knitters make, and the words that flew out of her mouth surprised her. So she started asking knitters the same question. Their answers were never "dropped stitches, wrong colour, bad seams" - all the things we address in technique classes. Their answers addressed more serious issues, which were various and valid.

This workshop will discuss the answers Sally's heard over the years - and students may use their own swatches, patterns, and garments to see solutions to each of these "mistakes."

The workshop will then end with a description of her answer, her reasons for that answer, and the many ways we have to avoid this all-too-common mistake that stands between us and successful garments.

Have Fun with I-Cords

with Fiona Ellis

You may think of the I-cord as a humble piece of knitting, but there are many ways you can use it to add interesting edge details and finesse to your projects. In this workshop Fiona will show you how to make I-cord (for beginners), how to attach it to an edge as you knit, and show you several ways to use cords to add designer details.


You can download and fill out our registration PDF form and mail a cheque or money order to:

The Needle Emporium
420 Wilson Street East
Ancaster, ON L9G 2C3

You can also email or call us to register over the phone with your credit card. 1-800-667-9167