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Matisse's Hinge

Matisse's Hinge: click to enlarge

Matisse's Hinge was inspired by Henri Matisse's cut-outs.  These closures were also inspired by the classic Frog closure, which is a hybrid clasp that falls somewhere between a hook and eye and a toggle and is typically made of fabric cord with a loop on one side and a Chinese ball button on the other.  The most familiar frog is shaped loosely like a Fleur de Lis or a three-leaf clover.  More elaborate Frog closures may be constructed of loops and layers of cord held together by stitching or glue.  This Hinge takes the Frog closure in a new direction, giving it a wimsical asymmetry that makes it almost dance, like the vivacious stars, flower and leaf forms, and rings of skipping figures Matisse cut out of brighly colored paper at the end of his life when he could no longer paint.  I wanted a cartoony feeling in this Hinge, and also a bit of a military sensibility, gaining power in numbers when lined up on the front of a cardigan or coat, used to cinch at the waist or to add drama to a sleeve.


Made in the USA

100% Genuine Leather

5.5 inches wide by 2.5 inches tall

Sold individually

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