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Lykke Interchangeable Tips

Lykke Interchangeable Tips: click to enlarge
$7.99 - $13.99
SKU Lykke Price Qty.
acs528-3.5mm 3.5mm $7.99
acs528-3.75mm 3.75mm $7.99
acs528-4mm 4mm $8.99
acs528-4.5mm 4.5mm $8.99
acs528-5.5mm 5.5mm $8.99
acs528-6mm 6mm $9.99
acs528-6.5mm 6.5mm $9.99
acs528-8mm 8mm $10.99
acs528-9mm 9mm $11.99
acs528-10mm 10mm $12.99
acs528-12mm 12mm $13.99

Made of strong birch wood, the Lykke Driftwood needles are very smooth and light. The Driftwood needles are easy on the hand and the eyes - a true pleasure to work with.

Individual interchangeable tips.

Contains two tips - cords not included.

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