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Dyed in the Wool

More Dyed in the Wool has been ordered. We hope to see it in November.

Dyed In The Wool represents the fulfillment of our desire, here at Spincycle headquarters, to merge the beauty and texture of a handspun yarn with a more efficiently produced millspun yarn. We found the perfect partners at a mill on Camano Island: a mother-daughter team who are meticulous and skilled and lovely!

Through our collaboration, we are able to produce a yarn that maintains the color artistry of our original handspun product. Because we dye the fiber before it's spun, colors meet and part ways in stunning, unique combinations; the overall effect is of a balanced, seamless whole.

The color transitions are slow and dramatic, and each skein is unique. When planning larger projects requiring more than one skein, allow for nuance.

Please note: There are no dye lots and skeins may vary. The yarn color you receive may look different than the color pictured.


SKU Colour Stock Qty.
yrn520-020 020 Absinthe 3
yrn520-035 035 Dead Reckoning 4
yrn520-040 040 Deep Bump 2
yrn520-090 090 Grumpy Birds 5
yrn520-100 100 Heart Sigh 4
yrn520-115 115 Kimono 1
yrn520-160 160 Narcissus 2
yrn520-267 267 Summer Love 1
yrn520-270 270 Sunset Strip 1
yrn520-275 275 Swerve 3
yrbn520-277 277 Tell Tale Heart 1
yrn520-290 290 Tangled up in Blue 3

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heavy sock / sport weight

100% superwashed American wool

183m/200 yards per skein

hand wash or machine wash cold, lay flat to dry

suggested gauge: 8-5 sts per inch on US #2-7