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Knitter's Pride

Knitter's Pride has developed a range of needle styles and types that will meet and exceed the needs of all users, whatever their level of experience.

Dreamz Circular
$12.80 - $22.00

Polished warm wood surface works effortlessly with every type of yarn without slowing down knitting rhythm

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Dreamz Crochet Hooks
$7.90 - $10.80

Available in a palette of beautiful colors – easy to identify and organize.

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Dreamz Double Pointed Needles
$10.00 - $19.60

Range of radiant colors allows mix-n-match & organizational options

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Dreamz Interchangeable Tips
$10.80 - $21.00

The polished wood surface of Dreamz knitting needles works effortlessly with every type of yarn without slowing down stitch rhythm.

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Karbonz Circular Needles
$17.60 - $20.80

New - age needles made from High - Tech carbon fiber with tips in nickel plated brass!

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Karbonz Double Pointed Needles
$16.60 - $19.80

Warm to touch & gentle in the hand

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Karbonz Midi Interchangeable Set

Combination of two versatile materials - light bodied carbon fiber & sharp brass tips - is guaranteed to provide an unparalleled knitting experience!! No other knitting needle comes closer to this!!

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Marblz Interchangeable Tips
$10.40 - $15.00

MARBLZ - the jewels of hanknitting needles. 
An absolutely new process of hand-mixing colours and component materials so that no two needles will have the same pattern.

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Royale Double Pointed Needle Set

Colored Birch wood needles with shiny metal tips for perfectly tapered tips

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