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Buddy Case

The Buddy Case is empty and ready for you to customize.

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Interchangeable Buddy Case

This amazing case keeps your metal items in place with its inner magnetized walls.

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Knitter's Backpack

The Backpack is ideal for those who want to have all their tools at their fingertips.

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Knitter's Crossbody Bag

Our Knitter's Crossbody Bag was mindfully designed for those who travel light.

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Knitter's Foldover Bag

Our Knitter's Foldover Bag was mindfully designed to add a little bit of peace (and knitting) into a long weekend.

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Knitter's Portfolio

Messy needles equal a messy mind. 

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Knitter's Tote Bag

Our Knitter's Tote Bag was mindfully designed for those who need to make sure they have all their essentials.

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Knitter's Wallet

This slim zippered wallet was mindfully designed to hold enough needles for all the projects you'll bring along during that long weekend trip.

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Loaded Buddy Case

Namaste is back with a new and improved Buddy Case

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Train Case

The Knitter's Train Case, which fits conveniently under most airplane seats, was designed with the wanderlust knitter in mind

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